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 pings storage clear out!!

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the twanger

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PostSubject: pings storage clear out!!   Fri Jan 04, 2008 10:15 am

hello,i would just like to inform you of my storage clear out and this is one hell of a clear out.

i am selling:
shreaders talons(green perfect daggers)2k

chakilins axe(green perfect)8k

forgotten axe(end game NF skin not so good but slightly better than chakilns)6k

staff wrapping of fortitude+30 health 1k

bisons cup(+30 health inscr hail to the king,multi req only get when you beat manus the bison)4k (yh i dont know his name)

cyndrs heart(+30 health,+27 energy req 9 nrg storage -1nrg recovery)get it in chast at the end of hos dungeon

2 golden rin relics 7k

2 non leets assa tomes 800g

non leet necro tome 400g

non leet para tome 400g

non leet mesmer tome 400g

scroll of slayers insight 900g

5 scrolls of heroes insight 2.5k

8 scrolls of rampagers insight 1.2k

11 scrolls of adventurers insight 1.3k

passage scroll to urgoz warren 300g (or horus if ya wanna arrange a guild trip there then you can have it for free)

3 scrolls of hunters insight 600g

11 yulitude tonics (turn you into elf lol)1.1k

11 snowman summoners 220g

5 diomands 4.5k

1 onyx gemstone

1 diessa chalice 1.75k

and finally that is buy,buy buy buy

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PostSubject: Re: pings storage clear out!!   Fri Jan 04, 2008 10:38 am

i will take your titan gemstone, obsidian shard and l33t necro tome:D

IGN: Horus Dragon Healer, in case you didnt know it lol!


Patrona wrote:
anyway.. i'm a retard

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pings storage clear out!!
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