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PostSubject: [GoDT] APPLICATION!   Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:45 am

ok, to all those who want to apply to join our guild, copy an application below, make new thread and paste it in, then fill it! Response will come usually very soon:)

1. real name/in game name

2. Location and time zone(tell in GMT)

3. characters(professions)

4. main character&maxed titles on him/her

5. Your experience with high end areas in GW/elite missions/dungeons and overall HM

6. Your current goals in GW and What are you doing most of the time when you are on GW ?

7. Your past guild experiences and what guilds have you been in?

8. TS/vent + micro?

9. PvE, PvP or both?

10. Any notable achievements you achieved or you\'re proud of?

11. Describe yourself as player

12. Tell us more about yourself as person

13. Age & gender

14. Why do you want to join and how can yu contribute to guild?

15. Account and characters age(just post total account age in months + age of all characters in hours together)

16. Forum - would you use and check forum regulary if you were part of [GoDT]?

17. Where/how did you find out about [GoDT]?

18. optional: guru name

You need to snawer ALL questions, the more you write the better it is. Short applies with 1word questions only will most likely be rejected, so if you really want to join, spend some time and make a good one.



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