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osber th

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PostSubject: Aplication   Aplication Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 8:32 am

GW name:osber the bolt

Age (optional, at least say above/below 16):17


Time Zone(try to tell it in GMT): +1 GMT

Time in GW:around 7 months

Playing role (pve, pvp, pve/pvp):Mostly pve

Primary Character (lvl, profession):20 Ele

How/Where did you find out about GoDT? Readed about it on guru

What do you expect from us? To be more like a friendly guild then i curently in and more active in my time zone, and to do some harder things than just running around in AB

Why are you applying? Because i want a friendly guild to do some dungeon, elite mission, hm that u can trust on

Tell us about youself? im very bad at writing out ? when i asking something in chat. and i want to learn more about this game from some expirienced peopels.
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Pocket Pixie

Number of posts : 497
Age : 27
Location : všnersborg/sweden
Registration date : 2007-12-04

Character's info
Character name:: klad hest
Profession:: W/x W/x
Titles maxed::
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PostSubject: Re: Aplication   Aplication Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 1:32 pm

hey Smile nice 2 see another one from sweden Smile ya we are kinda acctive in your time zone. and do more then just running around in ab. whisp leader or one of the officers for invite(im officer too)
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