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King Mighty

Number of posts : 1
Registration date : 2008-03-13

Character's info
Character name:: King Mighty
Profession:: W/x W/x
Titles maxed::
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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 2:05 pm

GW name: Il King Mighty Il

Age (optional, at least say above/below 16): 16

Nationality: Israeli

Time Zone(try to tell it in GMT): GMT+2

Time in GW: 16:00-20:00

Playing role (pve, pvp, pve/pvp): Mostly PvE, sometimes I play PvP a bit.

Primary Character (lvl, profession): Level 20 Warrior

How/Where did you find out about GoDT? Guild Wars Guru

What do you expect from us? I'm expecting a large, friendly, helpful guild that does HM missions, quests, dungeons, title hunting...etc.

Why are you applying? Because I'm looking for a nice guild with friendly and helpful people to have fun with. Also looking to do HM stuff and title hunting.

Tell us about youself! I've been playing Guild Wars for 20 months now. My primary character is my Warrior, he has done all 3 campaigns and also EotN, has a FoW armor set, and a lot of xp, also has 3 maxed titles and looking to get some more maxed for KoaBD. I like to have fun, I like to help people... and thats about it Laughing
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