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Clyde Fr

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PostSubject: My app   My app Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 6:09 pm

GW name: The Clyde Frog

Age (optional, at least say above/below 16): 18

Nationality: Swedish

Gender: Male

Time Zone(try to tell it in GMT): GMT+1

Time in GW: 2600h over 31 months

Playing role (pve, pvp, pve/pvp): Depends on how i feel

Primary Character (lvl, profession): In PvE: Necro (lvl20). In PvP: Any Midline

Hours in GW(type /age in game to see it): 2600h over 31 months

Your previous guild(s): The Dvd Forums [DVDF], Lievs Death Squad [LDS] and several PvP Guilds.

Number of maxed titles on main character: none, doesn't have the patience to hunt titles. the titles i have i've either got by helping others or got them by AFK'ing

How/Where did you find out about GoDT? GWGuru

What do you expect from us? To be a nice bunch of guys that can offer some nice chats and also help one other out when needed

Why are you applying? Have been PvP'ing for quite some while now and i've simply got tired of it. And now i've realized that i know noone in the PvE aspects of GW, so i found your post on guru and thought that you seemed like a nice bunch and i think you can help me to become a better PvE player and i think that i can help you guys out some aswell.

Tell us about yourself! I'm 18 y/o, lives in Sweden and currently studying to electrician. I've played GW for over 31 months, and spent a long time in the world of PvP wich i've now got tired of.
Altho I've managed to gather Hero r4 (459 fame), Gladiator r2 (283 points) and also 16 Champ points.

So now i want to get more involved with PvE, wich i hope that you guys can help me with Smile
i have all campaigns + eotn. and finished all of them with atleast 1 character.

That's all from me, and hope to hear from you soon!

// Clyde Frog
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Location : Slovenia
In Game Name : Horus Dragon Healer
Registration date : 2007-12-04

Character's info
Character name:: Horus Dragon Healer
Profession:: Mo/x Mo/x
Titles maxed::
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PostSubject: Re: My app   My app Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 2:24 pm

hey Very Happy from what i have seen, it looks great for me Razz pls feel free to ask if you want to know anything about us

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Patrona wrote:
anyway.. i'm a retard

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Location : Switzerland
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Character's info
Character name:: Haron Siegrist
Profession:: E/x E/x
Titles maxed::
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PostSubject: Re: My app   My app Icon_minitimeWed Mar 26, 2008 3:54 am

looks very interesting to me Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My app   My app Icon_minitime

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