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 Horus adventures

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PostSubject: Horus adventures   Horus adventures Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 11:46 am

Ok, after i saw Vana's pics, i thought maybe i should post some of mine too - hopefully more ppl will do it Smile

This will however be updated when i get some new cool pictures Smile just too bad i lost so many pics, so i dn't have many to post so far, but let' start somewhere:

mmm, ya know - we all love Yang Very Happy
Horus adventures Gw274

Can't you see anything special on this picture? Oh well, if value of this picture would be at least as half as items on it are, i would be one of the most rich ppl in GW(points at mini pets) Suspect
Horus adventures Gw289

Ahh, me having fun using all my party items Smile
Horus adventures Gw288

mmm... It's my Temple!
Horus adventures Gw328

Killed Frostmaw on HM! w00t?!
Horus adventures Gw441

as i said, i'll be taking more screenies now and will post them here Smile Hope more ppl will decide to do this too, really cool to see what all other ppl see during their adventures!

Horus adventures Gaile-says-ty
Patrona wrote:
anyway.. i'm a retard

Horus adventures Sigpic10648_1

Horus adventures RUMB Horus adventures Zw2N Horus adventures EBX9
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Horus adventures
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