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 God Amonst Mere Mortals

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PostSubject: God Amonst Mere Mortals   God Amonst Mere Mortals Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 10:21 am

Guide to Achieving “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals”

Legendary Defender of Ascalon/Survivor

The first max title you should worry about is either legendary defender of ascalon, or the survivor title. Because technically you cannot do both (although technically it is possible...not getting into that) you should focus on just one. Survivor is the better choice because not only does it take less time, you can be progressing through the game, and through other titles whilst you do this.

The survivor title requires you to reach 1,337,500 experience points without dying a single time. You can check how many times you have died by typing in /deaths. If your death count is higher then 0, then you can no longer progress any further into this title. If you die, you will not loose your title, but you wont be able to get any higher survival title.

The Legendary Defender of Ascalon requires you to get to level 20 before the searing happens in Tyria. If you are not a Tyrian character, then you can not get this title.

If you choose survivor, which you should, the fastest and most beneficial way to reach legendary survivor is by getting to the Lutgardis Conservatory outpost on the Kurzick side of Cantha. Therefore, starting your character in Cantha would be the best way to go.

The thing that makes this worth it is the HFF (hero faction farming) that is constantly going on there. What you do is learn to leach off HFFers. You do this by paying them 100g per run, averaging about 1 run per minute (Just spam “leacher looking for HFF run, paying 100g“). The good news is each run pays you 150g, so you are actually making 50g per run. This run gives 2k experience per min, 400 kurz faction, and 150g. This is currently one of the fastest ways to get survivor title, plus you are making money for future titles, and you are making kurz faction, which will become quite precious later on. You need not worry about learning how to do it yourself yet, just leach for now. All you do is pay, and collect reward over and over till you reach legendary survivor. You can literally get this title in 2 days.

I recommend Labrats running service, I ran a few characters with him, hes fast and talkative, havn't tried the other runners.

Once you reach legendary survivor, you have successfully completed your first max title. The next step is to just run through all the games and beat them. This may take up to a month…but you can’t really go anywhere till all the games are beaten (beating every mission for masters, or in Tyria’s sake Mission and Bonus is a good idea. Doing this will significantly lesson time beating missions in the future).


The next thing you should go for is your protector titles.

This involves beating every mission in Cantha and Elona (Masters), and beating every mission in Tyria (Bonus and Mission)

This is extremely easy to do, and if you followed the steps above, you should have already beaten every mission. Just go back and finish up the missions that you didn’t master, or that you didn’t get the bonus on.

If you are having trouble doing it yourself, get your guild to help you, or just look for groups doing the missions. These are the easiest titles to get.

You should now have 4 max titles.


The next titles you should go for are the sunspear and lightbringer titles. These are easy, but take a bit of time.

If you have already beaten Nightfall, you should already have a fairly decent rank in both Lightbringer(LB) and Sunspear(SS).

The BEST way to max these out is by going to the Ruins of sahlahja in Elona and joining a Sunspear and Lightbringer running group. Each run takes about 7-10 mins and nets around 600 LB and 400 SS points, give or take 100.

This run requires two quests “Requiem for a Brain” and “A show of force”. Only one of each quest needs to be existent in your group, so you don’t necessarily need to be the one with them (but trust me, a lot more groups will want you if you have both). You can join a 8 or 6 man group (8 being faster, 6 netting you more cash)

I did it with a 6 man group all the way. (With a 6 man, you can end up with a max of around 200k when you are done, SAVE THE MONEY) Just spam “looking for lb/ss HM 6(Cool man group” and say which quests you have if you have either. If you have both, you could hero/hench the run…but the gold drops are less frequent, and trust me, it gets really boring.

Since you wont be going for wisdom in this guide, you may want to conserve the golds and sell them as unidentified golds to people....good way to make fast cash.

To achieve the max titles in either LB/SS you have to reach 50k points in each.

Because you should already have more SS points than LB points, you will end up finishing both up around the same time.

The run consists of running through the Desolation (in Junundu Wurms) to the bottom left hand corner temple (picking up LB and SS bounties on the way). Then you kill off the monoliths and activate the first shrine on your left ONLY. This will spawn more monoliths and 3 Margonite bosses. Once they are killed, everyone resigns and you repeat till you max both titles. If you don’t understand what you are doing, just follow the group, you will get the hang of it in no time.

Because you are in Wurms and virtually indestructible, the run is in Hard Mode (HM), netting you more money and points.

Although many chests spawn on the way, I recommend not to spend money on lock picks because you will need the money later.

It shouldn’t take more then a week for obsessive people, and not to long for average players.

Skill Capturing

So far you should have accumulated quite a bit of extra cash, unless you spent it on petty things -.-”

It all comes in handy now, because it’s going to cost you about 290k and 194 skill points for these 3 titles. If you don’t have this much, don’t worry, as you capture skills, you will make cash from drops, and if you run out, just continue on with your titles and come back to this when you have enough money.

Basically all you do is buy Capture signets from skill trainers for 1k and 1 skill point and kill bosses with the skill you need to cap. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PROFFESSION SET TO THE BOSS TYPE YOU ARE CAPPING. For information about where each one is, check Guild Wiki.

The easiest caps are in Cantha, the hardest in Tyria. This takes quite a bit of time and patience, so brace yourself. Truth is, the only hard caps are some monk caps in elona, but just take the Necromancer spell Lingering Curse to counter their spam healing, the rest just take lots of time.

Now you should have 10 max titles.


Now the titles start to get a bit hard, but still its not to bad.

You get this title like the protector title, but you have to do the same thing in Hard Mode (HM).

If you are having trouble beating some of the harder missions, try asking your guild for help, or joining groups that are doing the mission in HM. Another good way to do this is by just paying someone to run each mission for you. You can get some missions done for 10k, and they can be done extremely fast by experts. This is by far the easiest way to get this title if you can afford it. Try doing easy ones, building up cash, then paying for the harder ones you can’t do. Check Guild Guru under services for HM mission runners.

Now you have 14 max titles.

Sweet Tooth/Party Animal

To get the max in sweet tooth and party animal, you need to consume 10k sugary products and use 10k party products. (check wiki for the lists)

Just spend any extra money you have at any time on candy and party products and you should have these title in no time.

A good time to buy is during holiday events when tons of candy and party products are dropped (Halloween for example)

Vanquishing and Cartography

True, getting the reputation GWEN ranks out of the way now would be easier….but I suggest vanquishing while you still have the money, it’s a lot harder, and you can pay to get it out of the way now.

Vanquishing is clearing out every enemy in HM from every explorable area.

These are in my opinion the most horrible titles to get. They aren't hard persay, but challenging and a major time consumer. Also it gets boring around the middle of your first vanquish X.X

First of all, Canthan vanquishing is extremely easy (except for maybe a couple in the city, and unwaking waters), so just do most of the continent yourself.

You should still have some money, so just pay professional vanquishers to vanquish any vanquishes you cannot handle.

Most people charge 50g per kill, but you may have to pay a bit more for someone who will continuously vanquish while you AFK (away from keyboard). It worth it, because ultimately it goes by MUCH faster because they may vanquish the whole game for you overnight God Amonst Mere Mortals Tongue Check Guru for professional vanquishing services.

Consider getting someone to vanquish GWEN while you are at this. Also, if you do get someone to vanquish GWEN for you, map each area while you vanquish, this will save you lots of time in the future.

By the way…you should now have gotten the max sweet tooth title…. If you haven’t, don’t spend any money farther until you do. Always save 100g X the amount of points you need left.

While you are vanquishing, you should be mapping out every area.

Why while you vanquish? Well not only does it save time, but theres no monsters to get in your way cause you killed them all.

Using Texmod is the best way to go. No its not against the terms of use, in fact, Anet said this mod was ok.

You can download Texmod here:

Under “Player made modifications” download “Cantha Made Easy”, “Elona Made Easy”, and “Tyria/Gwen Made Easy”
Save these somewhere you can find them again.

Once you install Texmod, (making sure its in package mode) open it and click on the big folder. Find your Guild Wars program (probably a GW with a helmet symbol, usually under your C drive in program files under Guild Wars folder) Then click the smaller folder above the red X, and select the files you want to use (elona made easy, cantha made easy, etc.) Now click run and when you open your map you will see all the areas you haven’t explored in light brown or light blue in Tyria/Gwen case. From here its easy, just use a running build and a good team and run around every continent clearing all the brown and blue. Quite simple.

Well you should now have 22 max titles

Legendary Master of the North

Skipping the reputation ranks? Why yes, yes I am. Why? Because IF you still have some money left….here is where you want to spend it.

In order to get this, you must explore all of GWEN areas, vanquish all GWEN areas, beat all GWEN dungeons(HM and NM), and beat all primary quests (HM and NM) only once. All the normal mode stuff is way easy, and you just need to run through the game and beat it all. If you were paying attention, and took my advice and already got vanquishing and mapping out of the way, the rest is easy. Just do everything in HM, and if you get stuck, use some money to pay for a run through HM dungeons and primary quests.

If you don’t have any money left for the HM parts, look for HM groups, ask for help from your guild, or just continue up the titles list till you have enough money, then come back.

You should now have 23 titles.

Reputation Ranks

These ranks include Deldrimor, Vanguard, Asura, and Norn points.

You must reach 160k points in each to max them out.

First of all, save the hero handbooks and dungeon handbooks you get, while beating the game, for the asuran and vanguard boosting, since they are the hardest. You need to know what these books are, but I don’t feel like going into it, so just check guild wiki.

Easiest way to do vanguard and asura is to just complete your hero handbook(NM) over and over, gaining 20k points each time, till you reach rank 8 (then you can no longer use NM handbooks) You can even pay around 50k per book to run you through the NM primary quests to fill your books if you can afford it (might want to save the money though for the HM hero handbooks).

Once you get to rank 8 in each, start filling HM hero handbooks, if you can afford it, pay for runners to fill them, if not…well, you are gong to do a lot of hard work, and HM group searching, not to mention guild begging God Amonst Mere Mortals Tongue

For deldrimor, I recommend running Snowman dungeon HM over and over again, collecting the bounty, plus making lots of cash from drops and end chest.

For Norn, I recommend doing the quest "Path to Revelations" over and over, just collecting bounty, and not the quest reward. You can also just use the books like you did for asura and vanguards….your choice.

Now you have 27 max titles, and, if you have finished sweet tooth and party animal 29.


Fairly straight up....Now you should just be drunk all the time, buying alcohol for around 100g a point, it will cost you around 1 mil to get to the 10k minutes drunk to get the max title, so save up

I reccommend buying the drinks during hollidays like christmas and just sitting back and drinking whenever you can.

CONRGATZ you should now have 30 max titles, and the title "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals"

Kurzick Faction

Well for those of you who died, or werent Tyrian born, or cant get an above title for whatever reason, heres your alternative.

Remember that HFF running you were paying for, you must now learn how to do it.

Only reason this is the next title is because not only will doing it get you 1 max title, so you don’t have to end up doing a horrible title like wisdom, but if you pull this title off just right, you will end up with a max of around 4 million gold. This is more then enough to pay for all of the rest of your titles.

So lets say you take my advice and you start going for this title. Learn how to HFF run (check youtube or guild wiki for a guide), and just start doing it over and over and over. Each run, like I said before takes 1 min or less, and if you are a hardcore player, you can finish this in 1-2 months. This may seem like a long time…but trust me its worth it.

If you are HFFing like I think you should be, you will have 2 extra slots that aren’t in use….I wonder what could fill that??? How about paying customers? Post a thread on Guru charging 100g per run, and people will flock to you for survivor and Kurzick titles. Why? Because since you make 150g per run, and you only charge 100g (like I said before), the “leeches” are making 50g, 2k experience, and kurz faction. Now, instead of 150g per run, you are making 350g per run, and you have people to talk to….it gets really boring out there by yourself.

If you were to have 2 people with you the whole time, you could make around 5 million, but chances are you won’t have customers ALL the time.

This can be done at any time during your quest for 30 titles for quick money and the last title you may need....Trust me it beats wisdom


Enjoy God Amonst Mere Mortals Thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: God Amonst Mere Mortals   God Amonst Mere Mortals Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 11:02 am

well gwamm is nice... but imo it's just a stupid grind.

i like other (max) titles more than this one.

my favourite: ledgendary guardian.

anyway it's a nice guide and if you're planning to get it with a new character... those are the right steps to follow
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PostSubject: Re: God Amonst Mere Mortals   God Amonst Mere Mortals Icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 11:11 am

hehe it will be hard but gl lol!
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