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 Barbrs/Mark of pain Necromancer

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Character name:: Blood Elementalistz
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PostSubject: Barbrs/Mark of pain Necromancer   Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:34 pm

Yups , I got pretty bored and decided to start making guides with many builds , for all the profs I can Smile
I started with the nec , and here is the first build.

Barbrs/Mark of Pain Nec
Build Explanation:
This build is based for Melee groups! The more melee you have the better it is , if you dont have melee attackers in your group , this build is totaly useless and isnt for you.
You should stick with the party's target , so your skills will actually work, mainly person who goes in first , the melee one, should be the one to call the targets and you follow it , if he doesnt, you can call.
This build is super affective and the damage is deadly if you use it right.
Just use Barbrs/MoP on the target, spam some Necrosis for more damage and use Enfeebling to drain the damage of the foes, before you cast MoP or Barbrs, cast IV on the target foe so it will give you more AoE damange when the foe dies, the foe should die with no time if your team is good so it shouldnt be a problem. Blood Ritual is just as a support for the casters, I dont think I need to explain on Pain inverter , and the res is just a res Smile


  • Pain Inverter can be replace with any skill that you wish to take , I just like taking it for bosses and AoE foes.
  • Res - can be taken off for any skill you wish , or another res.

  • Icy Venis can be replaced with any other elite, but IV is recommanded , SS works with this build as well , and you can any elite that can help you, the elite isnt important in this build , I barely use it:)

  • Blood Ritual can be replace with any skills you wish again^^ but it gives a great support for the casters , not recommanded to take it off unless you have to.

Thats pretty much everything, if you have any questions please , just ask Smile
*This build and the Guide were made by me*

I hope I manged to help you guys , enjoy Wink

Real Name : Ben
In-game name : Blood Elementalistz
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Barbrs/Mark of pain Necromancer
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