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 Mass Effect

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is going to kill you, biatch

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PostSubject: Mass Effect   Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:49 pm

O.k. try not to be too put off by this, but yes it is a space game and yes it does have aliens. but if you ignore that for a second, its actually quite good!

You get to choose the personality of your character as you go along- paragon (kind, does things by the book) and Renagade (anyone gets in your way- blast his face off). no prizes for guessing which one i prefer there.
Its definately more focused on story than actual gameplay, so if you want a super-involved game where you grind for hours and do everyting, probably not for you- but if you're the kind of person who actually watches cutscenes- this should be your kind of game

and yes, i am a super nerd.


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Mass Effect
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