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 Application from Legolas Bowrang

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Age : 25
In Game Name : Jessica Saria
Registration date : 2008-11-24

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Character name:: Jessica Saria
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11/41  (11/41)

PostSubject: Application from Legolas Bowrang   Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:50 am

Hello my name is Mads, im a boy rabbit and Iím 15 years old. My ingame name is Jessica Saria which is my main character. I live in Denmark (GMT + 1) I have 5 PvE characters, an elementalist which is my main, she has 6 maxed titles and working on Leg. Guardian atm. Iíve also got a warrior, ranger, ritualist and a paragon which is camped in ToA for FoW HM. (Imbagon)

Iíve done all elite areas in HM and some in NM. I play PvP too. r2 gladiator, r3 hero and r6 kurzick.

My main charracter is 2 years old and from Nightfalls. If i join the guild i'll check the forum, but not everyday. Smile

Best regards Mads.
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your only jealous cause i have the voices in my head !

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Location : Newcastle UK
In Game Name : Axe The Assasin
Registration date : 2008-10-23

PostSubject: Re: Application from Legolas Bowrang   Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:26 am

u need to fill out an application form like others have done its at the top of recruiting link.
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Character name:: Blood Elementalistz
Profession:: N/x N/x
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PostSubject: Re: Application from Legolas Bowrang   Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:55 am

Quote :
1. real name/in game name

2. Location and time zone(tell in GMT)

3. characters(professions)

4. main character&maxed titles on him/her

5. Your experience with high end areas in GW/elite missions/dungeons and overall HM

6. Your current goals in GW and What are you doing most of the time when you are on GW ?

7. Your past guild experiences and what guilds have you been in?

8. TS/vent + micro?

9. PvE, PvP or both?

10. Any notable achievements you achieved or you\'re proud of?

11. Describe yourself as player

12. Tell us more about yourself as person

13. Age & gender

14. Why do you want to join and how can yu contribute to guild?

15. Account and characters age(just post total account age in months + age of all characters in hours together)

16. Forum - would you use and check forum regulary if you were part of [GoDT]?

17. Where/how did you find out about [GoDT]?

18. optional: guru name

You need to fill this form if you want to join, like Axe said, its at the top of the page.

Real Name : Ben
In-game name : Blood Elementalistz
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PostSubject: Re: Application from Legolas Bowrang   

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Application from Legolas Bowrang
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