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 GoDT rules!

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PostSubject: GoDT rules!   Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:36 pm

ok, as we want to avoid all unneeded accidents, we need some rules... and here they go:

1. don't spamm!

2. Try to avoid swearing as much as possible!

3. Trading is alloved, as long as it is not spamming! pls try to avoid guild trading!

4. Is alloved to offer your items to guildies, but only for free! (except if you have some expensive item and you would offer it really cheap.)

5. Is not allowed to insult your guild mates! They should to be your friends, not enemies!

6. don't use caps lock on guild chat, except if it is needed. Many ppl understand caps lock as shouting, which can brings to some unneeded missunderstandings!

7. If you will be offline for more than 3 weeks, tell me before or post about it here on forum or else you will be kicked after 3 weeks!

8. i know there is many rules, and some of you won't like them, but pls listen to them! only way that we avoid all those unneeded problems between members of GoDT!


NO trading allowed on alliance chat, either give it for free or dont post! also no charging for help at missions/running/etc.!


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anyway.. i'm a retard

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GoDT rules!
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