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 Imperatice Flame's Application for GoDT! =D

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Jack Kolodziejski

Number of posts : 1
In Game Name : Imperatice Flames
Registration date : 2009-01-18

PostSubject: Imperatice Flame's Application for GoDT! =D   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:33 pm

Hello. Im Jack Kolodziejski/ or my in-game name Imperatice Flames, and I would love to join GodT.

I live in Germany, Europe.

I have many characters like my warrior Imperatice Knight. Or my monk Imperatice Heals. But my main is my ele Imperatice Flames. Speaking of titles, I only have 3 maxed on her but Im huge on PvE. I max alot at a time so there all going up slowly and the fact that I dedicate time to all my toons. :p

Im very expierenced with HM Missions/Dungeons/Elite Areas. All of the EOTN Dungeons of course..FoW/UW/HM Missions and etc.

My current goals for GW's are to max as many titles as I can before GWs 2 comes out. Im active on weekdays and very active on weekends. When I log into GWs, I go to Doomlore Shrine right away and start doing Dungeons ;p. Im currently working on EOTN titles and then moving on to Protectors and Guardians.

My past guilds have turned out to be a little disappointing. I have been in "Its Raining Fame Hallelujah"..You might know them pretty well but if youdon't they are a up-end hgh HA/GvG guild. Of course Im a huge PvEr so that's the only reason I ever left..And honeslty..Ive only been in my own guild. DIdn't work too well so I was done with making my own and Im basically looking for a Active,Friendly,Mature, guild that likes to celebate events, talk, keep forums active and have nice site. I think it's great what you guys have done with GoDT. I can honeslty say that this will be the best guild ever for me and my friends.

I have Vent but no TS/Or Mic. Soon buying a mic.

It make come to a shock but Im only 13 years old and male. I do understand that some guild's would appreciate older members but I have to say that I am very helpful, kind, active, and willing to donate to this guild all Ive got. Im more Mature then most people so if that's a case, no problem for me there. tongue

Currenlty, I am stationed in Germany on a American Base. My dad is an engineer for the army so we usually move around a lot but we will soon be moving to the states and staying there for a while so everything is good so far. Smile

Across all my characters age, I have played GWs for 34 months. Imperatice Flames 4 months..Overtaker of X 32 months..Imperatice Heals 3 weeks..I keep deleting and making new one's which I had a problem with but I finally decided Imperatice Flames as my main so from now on its just her. xD

I would check the forums everyday..Post when I could and I would contribute so much to this guild. Im helpful,kind, and willing to answer a lot of questions.

I found out about GoDT from a in-game meber "Zodiac Commander". I overheard him talking and was just amazed at what I heard. king

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this Application. I hope to hear from you guys soon and start the adventure of a lifetime. flower


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Imperatice Flame's Application for GoDT! =D
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