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 Ranger basic builds

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PostSubject: Ranger basic builds   Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:28 pm

I am not a perfect ranger so I will not try to write a guide on them. I will share my favorite build I use (it is not mine):

Of course bow dealing fire damage is a must. This build is quite nice for heroes. At least it is different from standard barrage+ splinter weapon. Of course conjure flame can be replaced by conjure lighting etc. I think everyone knows broad head arrow and barrage builds so there is no point posting them here. I think it is nice to put something you use not necessary "uber" but what you use for you or for heroes.

So do not leave this forum empty share your ranger builds.
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Jalis Fireheart


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Character name:: Jalis Fireheart
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PostSubject: Re: Ranger basic builds   Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:16 pm

Yes i like the look of it, alot of prep before battle which i find annoying. Your missing out on the Kurz/Luxon skill tho. Tripple arrow i think, practically made for that build. Wink try it out.
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Ranger basic builds
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